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First United Methodist Church - Cheyenne

Together we use God's gifts to bring life to the Church, change lives, and transform the world. Worship at 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM. Sunday School at 9:30am.

Special General Conference Feb. 23-26

This is the Special General Conference called by the denomination to address the issue of sexuality in the church.  It meets in St. Louis from February 23-26th.  Livestream can be found here:

And information about the issues can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Special General Conference Feb. 23-26”

  1. Will first church be speaking about the general conference and what the outcome means for us as a church? Where does FUMC stand on the vote by the general conference? Will there be any changes that will affect our conference? I am just a lay person and I don’t really know what all this means for our church family. Thank you.

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the comment. Rev. Mark and I will be addressing the congregation this Sunday and will have something up on the website, FB, and in the newsletter in the coming days. Things are in real flux right now, so we are trying to stick to the facts. One absolute fact: God is with us and is in charge. So, at the local level, we will continue our ministry to the people of Cheyenne! Please give me a call if you have any other questions, and I’ll answer them as best as I can. Hope this helps…
    Rev. Bill

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